Premium Happiness Workshop

Includes the following resources:

  • All 10 guided videos
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Self-discovery activities
  • Bonus reading material
  • Special access to two pre-recorded "Ask me anything" sessions with Arthur C. Brooks on happiness, purpose, meaning, and love
  • Enhanced, private audio feed so you can listen to the sessions wherever you go and on popular podcast platforms
  • Fully-designed, comprehensive series guide with video summaries and questions to enrich your happiness journey
  • Full video transcripts with essential quotes to take with you
  • 14-day, money-back guarantee

$100.00 USD

By purchasing, I understand that I will gain unlimited access to "The Art and Science of Happiness" for 365 days. I also agree that this purchase includes access for one person, my login is not to be shared with others, and I will not share the videos in a group setting.